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Energy saving solutions for schools
14 June 2021
As we strive towards net zero, it is important that we identify which sectors consume the highest amount...
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What is driving corporate sustainability?
25 March 2021
Rising interest in climate change means businesses are facing increased scrutiny over the environmental...
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How waste water affects the environment and how to avoid it
22 March 2021
Water is an essential resource for all living things. So why is it being wasted? Or left to be contaminated?...
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Targeted Charging Review (TCR) Guide
22 March 2021
The Targeted Charging Review (TCR) was launched by Ofgem in 2017 to reduce distortion across the network....
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SECR: How to make it work for your business
08 March 2021
Compliance with carbon legislation such as Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) has become...
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A step-by-step guide to setting up new connections
24 February 2021
Refurbishing your premises or expanding to new sites can add complex and time-consuming energy admin...
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Display Energy Certificates: 5 hidden benefits
18 February 2021
Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are mandatory for all public buildings and are often seen as just...
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The EII Exemption Scheme: everything you need to know
15 February 2021
What is the energy-intensive industries (EII) exemption scheme? The EII exemption scheme aims to help...
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2021/22 energy outlook for schools
02 February 2021
2020 turned everyone’s lives upside down, but schools were one of the hardest sectors hit. Teachers,...
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The journey to and benefits of Scope 3 emissions reporting
11 January 2021
Last year saw many businesses contending with the challenges of SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting)...
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