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As we strive towards net zero, it is important that we identify which sectors consume the highest amount of energy. And in order for the UK to reach its carbon neutral goals, it is vital that these sectors embrace energy saving technology.

Since the government launched its decarbonisation strategy earlier this year, it has become clear that schools play an integral role in reaching our net zero goals. And as climate change becomes more of a global effort, it is up to us to find the most sustainable and energy efficient solutions. t-mac has been aspiring to do just this.

Our next-generation software gives users easy access to real-time energy data. This allows them to monitor and control usage at the touch of a button. This is a sustainability super tool for users with larger properties and fewer resources like schools. By identifying and amending areas of high consumption and waste, schools can move towards an energy conscious, low carbon future.

So, which t-mac services can help your school with its energy management? Read on to find out more, or download our energy saving solutions guide for schools.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Taking control of your building and equipment can be simple and stress free with the right BMS. At t-mac our range of different systems allows us to cater for small, medium and large companies. Going further than regular monitoring and metering systems, t-mac technology enables schools to be in complete control through our online energy software suite.

Having control through a convenient easy-to-use platform allows energy and site managers the chance to implement, amend and manage their energy in real time. This can include educating staff and pupils on how to lower energy consumption and in turn save money.

Our online software has a range of benefits including simple installation, lower maintenance costs and improving workplace environments by helping boost employee well-being. At the click of a button, users can manage several sites and entire estates. Allowing schools to reduce energy usage and make the most of school and bank holidays.


Understanding your energy consumption is the first step towards becoming more sustainable. Once you can identify the areas that use the most energy, you can turn your attention to the ‘why’. This is where sub-metering comes in. Sub-metering allows you to dive deeper into the reasons behind these high consumption areas. More specifically, their peaks, troughs and base-loads.

Inefficiency and waste are easily identified through sub-metering. This allows businesses to reduce their consumption, costs and carbon footprint in a smart and data-driven way.

Identifying areas that could improve energy efficiency also allows schools to actively adjust behavioural habits. Educating staff and pupils on how to lower their environmental impact can make a huge difference to a school’s energy consumption.

Bespoke solutions

At t-mac, we understand the importance of securing a green future. Our list of comprehensive tech services allows us to find the perfect combination to kickstart your sustainability journey.

We can thoroughly analyse your business’s energy trends to supply you with a bespoke metering and controls service tailored to you and your energy strategy. This can help make your school’s journey towards net zero seamless and stress free.

Product development

t-mac engineers focus on achieving product development in all aspects of the service. From hardware and software to product certification and conformity testing.


t-mac ensure that our clients receive the highest quality technology to ensure they get the most helpful solutions. Our UK manufacturing partners utilise the latest processes to achieve the shortest possible lead times.

Variety of applications

t-mac can help deliver Machine 2 Machine (M2M) solutions in areas including HVAC equipment, industrial controls and fuel stock management. Our sister company, EIC, is also on hand to assist companies with their comprehensive list of energy services. These include smart procurement and trusted compliance.

To learn more about t-mac’s energy saving solutions for schools, download our guide or contact us today.

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