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2020 turned everyone’s lives upside down, but schools were one of the hardest sectors hit. Teachers, administrators, and parents all scrambled to keep students afloat amongst the chaos. And thanks to today’s technology and the rise of digitalisation they were able to.

As we move into 2021, and the vaccine roll-out promises a potential return to a new normal, schools can begin to recover and plan for the future. But after the revolutionary shakeup Covid-19 caused, it is likely things will continue to look very different.

This could mean continued reliance on some amount of virtual learning, using smart technology in the classroom, and a shift in focus towards sustainability and the environment. A newfound appreciation for teachers will blossom into retention and support efforts. And with many students bound to be affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns, there will also be more importance placed on young peoples’ mental health.

By embracing these trends, schools can get ahead of the curve and prepare their students for the future. A future that relies on connectivity, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Where does energy come in?

Fortunately, the energy sector is predicted to reflect similar values this year. With customers expectations shifting towards smart technology, green, flexible procurement options, and transparent billing, the energy industry will have to follow suit.

At ESS we help our clients across various sectors to build a resilient foundation by creating sustainable solutions for their resource management. In our report, ‘Energy outlook for schools 2021/22’, we look at what is on the horizon for education and energy, and how schools can make the most of those overlapping trends.

2021/22 Energy outlook for schools


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How can ESS help your school?

At ESS, our team of energy saving specialists help clients across various sectors control their energy and utility budgets. We have assisted over 60 schools and colleges in both the public and private sector, many with more than one site. 

Understanding utilities markets can be time-consuming and complex, stealing resources away from making your school the supportive and inspiring environment it should be. A combination of our services from procurement, invoice validation and basic consumption reporting, to more in-depth monitoring and targeting, can not only help you save money in the future, but recover costs from when you’ve been overcharged in the past.

To learn more about our offerings to schools, bursars and head teachers contact us at ESS today.


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