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The theme of this year’s World Children’s Day is based around children using art to represent their hopes for the future. We explore two of the initiatives led by children, for children and they are using art to make themselves heard.

A new vision for World Children’s Day

Established in 1954, World Children’s Day aims to raise awareness of and advocate for children’s rights. November 20th is a significant date in this conversation since it was on that day in 1959, and later in 1989, that the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention of the Rights of the Child were respectively adopted by the UN.

The youth of today will inherit the planet we leave behind. That means that while the journey to a sustainable world effects each of us, there are none more tied to its success than children.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Greta Thunberg has been the face of youth activism since she exploded onto the climate stage in 2017. Since then others have picked up the baton with youth ambassadors springing up around the world throughout 2020.

Unicef set up the Voice of Youth organisation to support open communication between young people from all over the world. This year it is encouraging student participation in sustainability by asking children and young adults to draw their vision of a better world. Suggested themes include sustainability, a world kinder to mental health, the future of education and work and the decline of discrimination.

The Voices’ Instagram page then posts the work of these young artists to spread awareness of their concerns and ideas.

No longer sat at the kids table

Alongside this sustainability art show, today marks the second day of Mock COP26. COP26 officials have postponed the conference due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, youth climate activists have taken this as an opportunity to host their own, remote climate conference. Their focus is on the global south, with representatives from 118 countries, and the conference will run online until December 1st.

The ingenuity and initiative to transform what could have been serious step backwards into an opportunity for new voices, demonstrates that youth activisms possesses the perseverance and flexibility to adapt to the challenges ahead.

At ESS, our work alongside schools and SMEs puts us in regular contact with the needs of young people. That’s why we are thrilled to join in celebrating World Children’s Day and the climate action it is inspiring. Our insights page is full of empowering youth stories like this one. To learn more about the sustainability services we provide, get in touch.






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