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For many, working from home has become the new normal. Organisations big and small have had to swiftly adapt to lockdown restrictions. Luckily due to workforce trends seeing a shift towards flexibility long before Covid, remote work is far easier than it’s ever been. As the UK moves into another national lockdown we look at the potential benefits of working from home for SMEs and how you can protect your employees and the future of your organisation through the winter.

The benefits of work from home

Whilst remote working poses various challenges to companies large and small, many had adopted more flexible policies even before the Covid-19 pandemic. This could be because the benefits of a flexible work environment can far outweigh the drawbacks, especially in a post-Covid economy.


Depending on the business, employees working from home during and even for a time after lockdown could help to protect the financial health of your business. Firstly, you could significantly reduce your in-office costs for gas and electric, waste removal and water consumption.

These savings are more important now than ever before as we continue to sail further into economic uncertainty. SMEs that are willing to adapt and use their resources efficiently will be more likely to keep their financial stability.

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Recruitment and Retention

People are increasingly looking for work that offers some flexibility when it comes to hours and/or remote work. By offering that flexibility you could attract more talent, as well as retain employees who may otherwise seek out more agile work themselves.

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing your utility use and employee transportation will significantly lower your organisation’s carbon footprint. This is not only beneficial for the planet but can be helpful in any future carbon compliance that may apply to your business.

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Tackling the challenges

While work flexibility can be an asset for SMEs and their employees, complete lockdown has proven more challenging. One of the biggest drawbacks for businesses has been managing and communicating with staff. Without in-person meetings or even casual chats around the office, it can be difficult to connect and collaborate with your team.

Thankfully, with various mobile apps and video conferencing it’s never been easier to streamline communication. Project management and productivity tools give managers a clear look at their staff’s daily tasks and timelines while keeping the team on track and in a routine. And by encouraging casual virtual catch-ups between workmates and scheduling regular team video meetings, you’ll be motivating employees while protecting their mental health.

At ESS, we realise that this time should be spent focused on your workers and their wellbeing. That’s why we streamline your utility management through smart metering and simplified billing. Learn more about how we can reduce your overhead costs and ensure your business’ sustainable future.


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