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Handy tips to help you save energy, cut carbon and lower costs

1. What gets measured, gets managed

Read your meter(s) on a regular basis to better understand how much you use. If you’re a small business monthly readings are a great start. Smart meters and sub-meters, like those offered by t-mac, are great tools to automate your meter reading and deliver more timely updates.

2. Get employees engaged

A well-executed behaviour change programme can achieve energy savings of 3-5%. It can also help to unite your team under a common goal. This is great for teamwork and boosting morale, fostering a positive company culture.

3. Set some SMART energy goals

Talking about goals, SMART objectives can help you to clarify your energy targets and provide real direction. SMART objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. They can help motivate your team and deliver faster results.

4. Buy energy better

It’s important to secure the right energy supply contract for your business and achieve a competitive price by shopping around. You can either do this yourself or get the help of a third party. For a small business, this could be an energy broker or a comparison website. For a larger business, this could be an in-house team or via a leading third-party consultancy.

5. Focus your energy

Cutting energy usage during peak times can have a big impact on savings. The extent will depend on the type of supply contract you’re on. Plus, clever analysis of your usage ‘out of hours’ can highlight keys areas of wastage. If you can fix any identified issues you’ll soon see the savings in your bill.

6. Invest in proven technology solutions

Controls like those offered by t-mac can achieve savings of up to 20%.  LED lighting is a proven technology that can achieve impressive results. An estimated 75% of lighting is still thought to be outdated.  Other notable energy-intensive areas to focus on, depending on the type of business you are, include refrigeration and compressed air.

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